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Being passionate about fishing?
Do you like the challenges?


The Costa Brava is one of the most visited tourist destinations of our country, and in fishing offers an interesting point of catches.


Get ready the fishing rod, and practice your technique in the Costa Brava… besides having an excellent climate, Clipper Hotel offers you first class rooms and villas and a cuisine to suit you…


Come fishing in Costa Brava right in front of our hotel!


Are you parcticing river fishing?
There is no problem, try your hand in the Ter River, just a few hundred meters from our hotel.
-Carp fishing


Biggest challenges?
Darnius reservoir
Susqueda reservoir


In any fishing practice license is needed License process or ask in our reception for help.
Fishing schedules in beaches from mid-June to mid-September, runs from sunset to sunrise (take advice).


Upload photos and tell your experiences at oter anglers in our blog Fishing at Costa Brava and enjoy with them


Fishing is calling you?

If you’re fishing addicted or is your hobby, we invite you to participate in one of our guided fishing tours: (see pdf file)